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Dyno Service

About 15 years ago motorcycle chassis dyno's became attainable to the average shop/dealership. Well anyone with 20K and the need.
Since we started building "race only" motorcycles a dyno was a no-brainer, plus running any motorcycle flat out on public roads is dangerous.

With a dyno, all the guess work has been taken out of tuning a motorcycle.

  Bike designs of the 70's 80's and early 90's left allot of room for improvement. Today's bike's are different, near as good as they get when they leave the factory. Making improvements to that is tough, that's where a dyno lets you "see" exactly what the changes have done. Be it exhaust,air intake,fueling or timing, Everything must work together to see an improvement.

Any work that affect the performance of a motorcycle we check first with a base run, then document any and all changes/runs until we are satisfied we have gotten the most from and optimized the combination.

Dyno tuning is available by appointment $75 per hour.

Dyno runs by appointment $25.