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Who We Are

Who are we, and more importantly, why should you choose us for your business?

SpeedWerks is an independent service shop, not a dealership. For over 15 years we've been providing quality service and support to street riders, club and pro racers, and track day enthusiasts alike.

It is owned and operated by people like you - people with a passion for motorcycling. Everyone who touches your motorcycle knows how important it is that the job be done right.

We also understand what's important beyond the motorcycle; you, the customer. While you can purchase the vast majority of what we sell anywhere, you may not find knowledgeable people who can tell you what works and what doesn't. Nor may you find someone willing to take the time to actually help you instead of just selling you something.

Everyone on our staff has multiple years of experience, and no one works on commission. We will explain and provide what works best for your application, not what's currently on closeout at the distributor.

If you're going racing, we're there at the track. We can think of no better way to support our customers than being there for them, 100%, all the time... Unless it's race 3rd call and we're putting on our helmets... then you may need to wait a few minutes....

If you're a track day enthusiast, we also attend at a number of NESBA weekends and we can offer the same level of support and service.