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Racing Electronic Water Pump

Essentially the kit replaces the mechanical water pump and conventional thermostat and controls engine water temperature itself. It also means less drag on your engine as you can remove the original mechanical pump. This kit will regulate the water temperature within a range you can set using the calibration pots. The top of range can be adjusted between 55-65ºC and the bottom of range can be adjusted between 35-45ºC. Moving the calibration pots clockwise increases the temperature and anticlockwise decreases the temperature meaning you can set the desired range you want your water temperature to run at. There are NO moving shafts and NO seals to wear out. Maximum flow rate is 13 L/min! Also, this kit runs at a speed totally independent of the engine speed, so even if the engine is left ticking over for a long time it will not overheat.

Installation is simple, it requires the fitting of the temperature sender supplied either in the top of your cylinder head, the outlet from the engine to the radiator or in the radiator near where the outlet from the engine enters it. Then the new water pump needs to be fitted in to the system, bypassing the original water pump. Wiring is simple, just follow the diagram below. Once installed you can then run your bike and adjust the calibration pots as necessary to set the water temperature required!

We have been using these kits for 3 years on various machines sidecars, classic racers (Ringhini's) TZ's of all kinds, R6's, GSXR's etc and have had no issues with wear or controling the temperature of the engines.

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