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Brembo Radial Brake Master Cylinder - 19x18 Forged

Brembo Radial Brake Master Cylinder - 19x18 Forged

Upgrading to a Brembo master cylinder is one of the best upgrades you can make to your motorcycle. Brembo master cylinders will stop you harder, and faster; they built their reputation on it!


  • Span adjustable lever
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Integral bleed-nipple
  • Ready to connect to your bike’s standard/original or optional Brembo remote fluid reservoir.
  • Banjo bolt included

Here is a general guideline to help you choose which Brembo Master cylinder is right for you:

  • 19mm bore 20-ratio lever- 306g Twin front caliper. Above 750cc
  • 19mm bore 18-ratio lever- 306g Twin front caliper. Up to 750cc
  • 16mm bore 18-ratio lever- 286g Single front caliper. All cc. and Supermoto
  • 20 ratio will give less lever travel and is harder to pull.
  • 16 ratio gives greater lever travel and is easiest to pull.

The 19x18 brake master cylinder is currently available with the Folding lever only. Click here to take you directly to that listing.

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