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BrakeTech CMC Ceramic Rotors- Suzuki GSXR600/750 (2008-2009)

BrakeTech CMC Ceramic Rotors- Suzuki GSXR600/750 (2008-2009)

BrakeTech USA is very pleased to announce the release of the long awaited, ultra-advanced technology Ceramic Matrix Composite brake rotors for the Motorcycle Industry. The AXIS/StarBlade™ is the new and updated MKII version incorporating now de-classified Stealth Bomber Aircraft technology manufactured by Starfire Systems, this revolutionary material will change the way both top-level race teams and enthusiasts alike view their braking systems. The performance parameters in-total make all previous materials and systems dated by comparison, including the vaunted Carbon/carbon brakes. Designed to perform brilliantly with OE calipers as well as the Billet GP race-spec versions. This all-new composite material offers the best features of premium iron rotors with the incredible lightweight of carbon, and none of the Carbon/carbon foibles!


  • Patented AXIS Design - featuring Direct-Link™ load transfer system
  • Not thermally sensitive (will work great on the street)
  • Ultra broad torque curve across a very wide thermal range
  • Much longer lasting than C/c
  • Much less expensive than C/c
  • Great wet weather performance - unlike C/c
  • Terrific feel and feedback at the lever
  • Strong braking performance? and we mean, Really strong: +.6 mu average friction with special Ferodo Racing brake pads
  • Carriers are premium grade billet aluminum bar - not stamped plate aluminum
  • Hard-anodized to military grade specifications


Brake Weight Comparison (Honda CBR-1000RR, '04-05)

  • Honda OE 310mm Stainless: 3lbs 4.4oz @ 5mm thick [1486grams]
  • BrakeTech 310mm AXIS/Iron: Â 2lbs 15.0oz @ 5mm thick [1332grams]
  • BrakeTech 310mm AXIS/Starblade™ CMC: Â 1lb 5.6oz @ 5mm thick [612grams]


Brake Weight Stats for 6mm thick Narrow-Band Superbike

  • BrakeTech SBK 320mm AXIS/Starblade™ CMC: 1lb 8.7oz @ 6.0mm thick [700grams]
  • Brembo SBK 320mm Steel: 3lbs 11.4oz @ 6.0mm thick [1684grams]


  • Appropriate Ferodo brake pads included
  • Sold individually; for a set, order two
Price: $1,499.00
BrakeTech CMC Ceramic Rotors- Suzuki GSXR600/750 (2008-2009)
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